Over a number of years Mental Coach and former MMA fighter Philip Fortuna and I have both of us offered coaching and consultancy services to top performers at all levels of society and business life.

We have helped authors, top athletes, young people adrift, school leaders, politicians and CEOs for international companies.

We got together about a year ago and decided to start the EIP programme, which stands for Elite Individual Performer, in which we team up to solve challenges for people working in fields of performance. On bigger business cases we plan to draw on the expertise of Kim Bjørnstrup long time highly succesful business exec.

On this podcast Kim, Philip and Thomas are having a chat about the how’s and what’s of Kim’s extraordinary business life. 

The EIP proces starts with a “conceptualization”. A mapping of your situation, such as organizational charts, personality tests and a interviews about character strengths, personality, social skills, personal strategies, rules of living and habits. That way we create a solid and workable understanding of your situation. It lasts 2- 4 hours.

Based on our particular rules of engagement we get you started on your path to success.

EIP coaching is not your common type of coaching. We are not only wise men that you consult with your worries, we are your partner in success. We call this active part of your voyage our ensurance to you.

What you may lack in commitment and willpower we will throw in. We carry your hope and make your goal achievable. We follow up on you and your progress and make it happen.

Your only concern when entering a partnership with EIP should be whether or not you actually want to reach that particular goal, because chances are that we will actually make it happen.

The methods we are using are manifold, but are heavily rooted in cognitive and sports psychology. Based on more than twenty years experience we use what works with market leading know how in the area of coaching and personal development.

We have taught coaching providers in “evidence-based coaching”. We have run courses in “cognitive coaching” and “systemic coaching” and we have brought top athletes to the top of the podium.

You can read more about the basic principles for the coaching part of the programme here.

On request we can send references.

We work with individuals, groups and organisations that want to excel.

Send a mail for more information. No job is too big or too difficult, it all comes down to your funds. We can make anything happen.

Dreams can come true.



Many a kid has dreamt of owning a sports car, taking the leading part in the school show, and dreams keep igniting us to action. Let’s help you define your purpose and set you on track for that promotion, getting in shape, sorting out your love life and creating your self the good life.

Let’s help you keep that dream alive and make it happen.