Listen to a podcast interview with Thomas Krogh Jensen CEO at Copenhagen Fintech HERE. 


Copenhagen FinTech is an innovative growth organization based on the vision of creating a Danish growth adventure within fintech. Here they want to position Copenhagen as one of the leading FinTech Hubs in the global financial services industry by supporting and catalyzing the next era of technology-led corporate and start-up innovators.

Copenhagen FinTech have established and run a co-working space called Copenhagen FinTech Lab. Additionally, Copenhagen FinTech runs the innovation network for the finance IT sector.
Thomas has several years of experience from leadership positions in the financial sector. His youthful demeanour and flexible character belies his experience. He is part of a club of the top 100 business talents crowed every year by Berlingske in Denmark and looking at his CV which counts sales leadership, change management and head of business development and digitalization he is made for the position that e currently holds.
Thomas is responsible for creating the work environment for tech start ups in the financial industry. FinTech

Lab is an incubator for businesses of tomorrow.


Thomas’ visions and ideas entail:


Making a difference for the hard working entrepreneurs and the world at large


Riding the tiger, meaning to be at the forefront of development in the finance industry


Being part of creating something unique on a global scale. Here Thomas mentions the fact that so mange different stakeholders, governmental and businesses coming together supporting the FinTech Lab.


His vision and purpose is to help the start ups scale and become international


The challenges at the FinTech Hub are among others: Attracting risk capital and talent. Having been there less than a year he is pleased to share with us that things are going beyond expectations. Also he considers how he can go about creating synergy in the daily going about business at the hub. He has a very busy schedule networking to create connections between important stakeholders.


Thomas has got an interesting character. He has had a meditation routine at one point, which is always inspiring. Probably due to his persistence and creativity. His character strengths from the project are in order:








In the podcast itself you can hear how Thomas considers the market, his role at the Hub and the opportunities for start ups at the FinTech Lab.